Is Valentine’s Day Too Much Pressure?

Love it or loathe it…you can’t get away from it. For couples, there is a pressure to be super- romantic on Valentine’s Day and for singles, there can be a pressure to hide under a blanket because you feel sorry for yourself as you are on your own.

My husband is Cuban and for me Cuba has the right idea.  February 14th in Cuba is the “día de los enamorados” or also the “día de la amistad”, so it’s the day for loved ones and also the day of friendship.  In other words, it’s for everyone you care for.
If 14th February means you think about love in general, then surely that’s not a bad thing.  So instead of following the commercialism surrounding this day, or worrying that you are on your own, why not embrace the feelings of love.  Where could you direct those feelings of love?  How about starting with yourself?  Shift your focus to you, aiming to be happy with what you already have and investing some time in you.

If you need to relax then take some time out to relax. That might mean watching TV in your pyjamas, pottering around the house and doing nothing. As long as this isn’t an everyday thing, that’s fine.  Maybe you could take yourself off to the local spa and get a massage or just take yourself on a long walk along the beach or into the countryside. The key is to spend time doing an activity that you find relaxing, or just spending some time immersed in a good book.

Take the opportunity to reach out to someone whom you haven’t spoken to in a while. Maybe a family member, a friend, or even a potential romantic interest.

You never know who might also be feeling lonely on Valentine’s Day. They may welcome the chance to catch up and connect.
Do you know someone who has recently lost someone close to them? A small gift on Valentine’s Day would mean a lot and would make you feel good as well.

Even a small gift of homemade cookies or a little bunch of flowers or just taking the time to be with them can make all the difference in the world.

When you positively direct your attention to others, you will feel better about you too. You will have renewed confidence, bravery and strength to move forward.  You will then realise that when you stop depending on someone else to give you all the emotional benefits that come with love, you will create real change.As soon as you make that happen, you will truly love yourself.

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