Dealing with loss

Everyone is planning their celebrations, parties, drinks, dancing and laughing but for you, someone is missing.  You feel under pressure to put on a brave face and when you do it makes you feel worse.

Whether it’s your first Christmas without a loved one or you lost someone many years ago, the festive season has a knack of highlighting your grief in neon lights.  Loss is not only because of the death of someone, it may be the end of a relationship, or that you are missing family members because Covid-restricted travel.

But remember it’s normal and it’s ok to feel sad.

Here are a few ways to help you cope this Christmas.

  • Find a special way to remember your loved one – maybe light a beautiful candle in their memory
  • If you don’t want to be home on Christmas Day, why not volunteer at a food kitchen for the homeless
  • Take a long walk and put some headphones on and listen to some beautiful music
  • Buy yourself a special gift as if it was from your loved one
  • Find a funny film and laugh – it’s ok to laugh
  • Plan events for the coming year
  • Create and plan a new hobby
  • Remember it is ok to be happy – you owe it to yourself and its part of caring for yourself

Reflect on what is good in your life and what you are grateful for…you will be surprised at how many good things there are.  Enjoy every moment and help others do the same.

You are not alone – there’s always someone to talk to

Helpline numbers:

Low-cost UK Samaritans 24 hr overseas number – 0044 330 094 5717

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